Don’t let mosquitoes suck the fun out of your party!
You spent countless hours planning the perfect outdoor event. You ordered the best food, built the perfect playlist and transformed your backyard into a celebration destination—people will be talking about this party for months!

But then, the were you to know there would be a cloud of mosquitoes swarming around your cocktail hour? Or ants crawling up guests’ ankles on your beautiful new patio?

Ugh! You thought of everything—invented the list on Pinterest that amateurs use to throw their parties! How did this happen!?

How does it work?

Southland Organics Spray Squad offers special event spraying for all your outdoor event needs. We make sure to spray and cover the area 1 to 2 days before your guests’ arrival, so we won’t interfere with your big day.

You can rest assured that your guests won’t be swatting and smacking pesky mosquitos at your event with Spray Squad Pest Control.

Special Event Pest Control