Evict mosquitoes from the ground up.
Transforming your yard into your backyard vacation oasis will reward you for years to come. Leave the hassle of a long road trip to an expensive destination and spend extra vacation time in the comfort of your very own great outdoors!

But before it can feel like the perfect place for a staycation, you have to evict your current, pesky residents...mosquitoes.

How do we get rid of mosquito habitats?

You probably already know that standing water provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. But, do you know what thriving mosquito habitat is often overlooked? Thick areas of underbrush!

Spray Squad Mosquito Underbrush Land Clearing Service packs a one-two punch to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard and turn it into your staycation oasis.

Mosquito Yard Treatment Georgia
Mosquito Treatment

Professional Tree and Brush Clearing

We’re not just any “tree and brush clearing near me” search engine result!

Spray Squad does not use ordinary power tools for brush and land clearing. We are professional operators of a powerful and fast forestry mulcher. This mulching machine is powered by a 100hp skid steer that forces underbrush removal very close to the ground, targeting mosquito habitats.

The perk is that you don’t just get a mosquito-free yard—you’ll get a new blank slate to expand your fun. Our customers have added landscaping, fire pits, hot tubs, leisure pools—the staycation ideas are endless!

How does it work?

Build Your Oasis

With no mosquito habitat, you will see a significant difference in your backyard oasis.

To maintain maximum prevention, we recommend you select one of our mosquito service rotations (21 or 30 days). This will continually defend your lawn against insects that may try to return when water accumulates in rainy seasons and when weather heats up.

Brush and Debris Removed
Vegegation Cleared
Natural and Effective Mosquito Spray
Brush and Mosquito