About Us

We use safe products to rid your lawn of pests without endangering your family.

Mosquito Home Spray
Our Team

Spray Squad is a family-focused company that loves to see people make memories together in the great outdoors.

It’s one thing to get outside and chase adventure or go on a big sightseeing trip—but special memories shouldn’t be limited to time away from home. We want to help people build lives they cherish between the hedges of their own lawns. That’s why we offer safe, effective mosquito treatment without the use of harmful chemicals.

Whether it’s playing with your pets in the yard, throwing a football at dusk or simply enjoying the sunshine on your deck, we’re here to help you create an outdoor space where you love to live.

Brad Broxton
Team Lead
Aaron Reynolds
Mike Usry
Team Coordinator

How We Started

As consumers become aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals within their environment, our team decided to react by using safe, effective alternatives for homeowners.

Spray Squad's mosquito spray service for yards was born from the desire to provide safe, effective mosquito control to the Athens area and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

Spray Squad is committed to not only providing the best mosquito control services, but the best customer service. Our pest control services are designed to exceed the needs of each customer with mosquito spraying, yard treatment and barrier treatment.

Although we do not provide service outside of Georgia, you can purchase the natural sprays we use from the Southland Organics online shop.

Local, Family-Owned Business
Spray Squad is a family-focused company that wants to see you and yours enjoy the great outdoors without pests or overgrown brush.
Experienced Team
We offer sprays from expert technicians that don't use synthetic chemicals. We understand the science behind our mosquito solutions and are confident in their effectiveness.
Customers Come First
Local companies like us prioritize their customers' needs first. We offer customized spray schedules and competitive pricing that fits your family's needs.
Licensed & Insured
We meet the highest local and regional protection standards and use only trusted products.