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Keep Your Yard Beautiful and Pest-Free with Our Athens, GA Natural Pest Control.

Spray Squad brings out the best in your lawn with all-natural yard pest control services. From mosquito sprays to flea and tick control to special event sprays, we will turn your backyard into a pest-free oasis.

Stop swatting and itching from unwanted pests in your yard. Call us to get a free quote on our all-natural spraying services! We serve the greater Athens, Georgia area.

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Mosquito Home Spray

Why go natural with lawn insect control?

Traditional products designed to control insects use harmful neurotoxins to deter and kill mosquitoes. A neurotoxin is a substance that alters the structure or function of the nervous system. More than 1,000 exist, from a cobra’s venom to heroin to chemical warfare. These dangerous chemicals are used regularly in mosquito spray for yards in areas where our children grow and families play.

Our mosquito control spray is proudly neurotoxin-free and completely safe for use around your family and pets. Protect your your family from insect bites and harsh chemicals with Spray Squad!

Yard Pest Control

How our Natural Pest Control Products Work

Our pest control spray works by two methods: suffocation and scent.

Pest Control by Suffocation

Active ingredients oils and the stabilizers combine to create a coating that dries on soft-bodied pests like mosquitos. They can't breathe. The stabilizers make the oil stay long enough to dry and do the job.

Because it dries quickly, the butterflies and bees don't get the same kind of soaking the skeeters get. Mosquitoes hide during the day on the underside of plant and bush leaves. They don't like to move during the day. When they become active, the bees and butterflies are tucking in for the night.

Insect Control Through Scent

When our spray dries, the smell to humans leaves. We don't have the same kind of noses as insects. The scent of the essential oils stays. The bloodsuckers do not like these odors. It says "DANGER!" to them. Beneficial insects are sometimes attracted to these odors.

It creates a barrier around your yard. Pests hit that natural wall and decide they need to be somewhere else. However, our sprays will not cause lawn damage and you don't have to keep pets off the grass after we spray.

Eliminate Unwanted Pests in your Yard:

Our Simple Process

As a local business, we can offer quality, personal service that is simple. There are just three steps to setting up your Spray Squad services:

Give us a call or email and we'll reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

Get Your Free Quote

At our appointment, we'll survey your property and give you a quote for our spray services.

Accept your Quote

Review your quote and approve it if you're satisfied! Then, we will email you with the day we will come spray.

Spray Squad Commits to Safe and Effective Pest Control Services


“This is the best all natural mosquito spray with great customer service! I get to enjoy my yard again!”

Haley S
Athens GA

"They get back with you so quickly and are very friendly and focused."

Ivey B
Bogart, GA

After the first application I can say without a doubt the difference was night and day.

Ivey B
Bogart, GA

After the first application I can say without a doubt the difference was night and day. Before we were not able to walk in our backyard with out being covered by mosquitoes, but since Spray Squad has treated our yard we've spend more time outside than all the previous summers combined.

Justin Halleck
Bogart, GA

They do a great job spraying for mosquitos and other flying pests in our yard!

April LeCureux
Athens, GA

Why Choose Us?

Spray Squad is committed to not only providing the best mosquito control services, but the best customer service. Our pest control services are designed to exceed the needs of each customer with mosquito spraying, yard treatment and barrier treatment.

Although we do not provide service outside of Georgia, you can purchase the natural sprays we use from the Southland Organics online shop.

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Spray Squad is a family-focused company that wants to see you and yours enjoy the great outdoors without pests or overgrown brush.
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We offer sprays from expert technicians that don't use synthetic chemicals. We understand the science behind our mosquito solutions and are confident in their effectiveness.
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Local companies like us prioritize their customers' needs first. We offer customized spray schedules and competitive pricing that fits your family's needs.
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We meet the highest local and regional protection standards and use only trusted products.